Denmark is known for its highly innovative products within audio technology such as AV entertainment systems, audio products for audio professionals and musicians, sound and vibration measurement devices and aids for hearing impaired persons. In most of these product signal processing plays a central role.


The establishment of a knowledge network and internet portal in audio signal processing should contribute to maintaining Denmark's leading position in innovative research and product development within audio.


  • To facilitate the exchange of knowledge between companies, universities, research institutions and other relevant stakeholders through the implementation of workshops and seminars.
  • To initiate joint venture cross-disciplinary R&D projects with academic and industrial partners in order to facilitate the technological innovation process and technology transfer to companies.
  • To create visibility and impact on the political decision process by contributing to the formulation of the future R&D agenda in audio signal processing.
  • To esnure better integration of the Danish activities in audio signal processing and related fields such as acoustics and psychology thorugh a vivid web portal and knowledge exchange.


In the period 2006-2008 the ASIP network is sponsored by: